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Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Line Pump

On the basis of mature eLectric commutation concrete pump production, after years of efforts, we developed Truck mounted concrete line pump with better performance. By improving main system pressure, reducing pressure loss, making normaL truck mounted concrete pump outlet pressure increased to 22MPa, pumping height reach 260m, pumping efficiency up to 120m3/h. power system with high-usage rate, commutation time 0.2S, reducing concrete output pause time, each minute commutation frequency improved by 2 times. If interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Concrete Placing Boom

JIUHE 15m to 52m Concrete placing boom is developed for enlarging the range of concrete pouring and improving the mechanization level of pumping construction. Being corollary equipment of concrete pump, it increases the range of concrete pumping by connecting with concrete pump; also, in effectively solving the hard problem of material distribution in wall pouring, it plays an important role in increasing construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity. This kind of concrete placing boom is reasonably designed, with stable and reliable structure, and the whole machine can be easily operated and flexibly turned due to its all direction and boom-type distributing structure, featuring character of high efficiency and energy-saving, as well as being economical and practical, etc.

Wet Shotcrete Machine

JIUHE Wet shotcrete machine is widely used for spraying wet concrete in the tunnel construction like water conservancy and hydropower, railway, highway and so on. We have wet shotcrete truck and engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine two types, 30m³/h concrete pumping capcity. spraying height is 16m, spraying width is 24m. We are China professional manufacturer for wet shotcrete machine, reliable performance and competitive price will let you enjoy transaction with JIUHE.

Ladder Lift Truck

JIUHE 32m 36m ladder lift truck, also called ladder transport truck, high altitude Transport truck, ladder loading truck, ladder moving truck, which is mainly used for project rental, waterproof materials lifting, moving company, cement stone moving, construction materials lifting, construction rubbish transport, ship repair, road and bridge maintaining and so on.

Aerial Lift Truck

JHZ5042JGKJZ Aerial lift truck, also called high altitude working truck, 21M reached with max. load 200KG.which provide safe access to inaccessible areas at it’s widely used in sectors: public lighting; roofing and gutter cleaning; building construction and maintenance; industrial installations; safety inspections; window washing and repair; orchard and tree surgery; electrical line work; events and entertainment installations. 

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