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Matters needing attention in the purchase of concrete pump truck

Matters needing attention in the purchase of concrete pump truck

Issue Time:2021/10/21
Matters needing attention in the purchase of concrete pump trucks
As a modern construction method, the concrete pump truck has the characteristics of large delivery volume and fast delivery speed, which has an irreplaceable effect on accelerating the construction progress, shortening the construction period, and reducing the construction cost. So what should be paid attention to in the purchase and use of concrete pump trucks?

Buy well-known brands, product quality is guaranteed. Through the sales company of the production company or the sales office of the production company in various places, ask for the inspection certificate of the purchased product, the type test report, the test report of the special vehicle mandatory inspection project, the motor vehicle catalog number, the quality system certification certificate, etc. Hao sends a special person to the pump truck manufacturer to inspect its production, management and quality, as the basis for selecting products.

According to the situation of the project undertaken and the size of the equipment construction project, the length of the cycle and the frequency of transfer, the maximum pumping volume, the length of the cloth arm, the parameters of the cloth arm and the appropriate chassis are determined. The quality of the product should be inspected from the outside to the inside. The first is whether the appearance, painting, welded steel structure, walking platform, railing, etc. are smooth, beautiful and smooth. Going deeper into the interior, the performance and quality of the chassis engine, gearbox, transfer axle, main hydraulic components, pumping system, cloth arm, slewing mechanism and slewing support.

Check the performance of the product, the stability and flexibility of each part of the action, whether there is abnormal jitter in the stretched cloth arm and the recycled cloth arm, and whether the chassis driving, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance, etc. meet the pass Performance requirements, whether the economic indicators such as the fuel consumption rate of the engine are reasonable, and whether the remote control operation is reliable and stable. For self-made cloth arm products, we should also carefully understand the manufacturing quality of its structural parts. In order to reduce the weight of the cloth arm, the underframe and the outriggers, the steel should be made of high-strength fine-grained carbon steel (quenched and tempered thin steel plate). The welding process requirements are very strict, otherwise serious weld cracks will occur. The problem.

Check the safety and environmental protection requirements of the products, and check whether the special vehicle mandatory inspection items, braking performance, emission indicators, and noise limits meet the requirements of various standards. Investigate whether the after-sales service outlets of the supplier company can meet the timely service, as well as the service quality, service level, and the ability of timely supply of spare parts. Understand the supply company’s commitment to customer’s driver, operator, and maintenance personnel for operation training and maintenance training.

When purchasing products and checking and accepting, check the supply list and relevant materials in detail, whether the certificate of conformity, instruction manual, accessories, accessories, maintenance kits, etc. are in line with the actual product, and the car purchase procedures should be complete and complete. The purchaser should select drivers, operators and maintenance personnel trained by the supplier to operate and maintain them in accordance with the procedures specified in the instruction manual.
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